Masterpiece Chenrezig Statue 19 Inch

Regular price $3,250.00

This is a masterpiece statue of Chenrezig skillfully crafted by our fourth generation artist. This 19 inch high statue is fully gold plated and has the most intricate and detailed carvings. The carvings on the robe through out the lower part is meticulous. The carvings of Double Dragon, Cheppu and floral motifs add more glory to this beautiful and powerful statue.

The two hands of the Chenrezig is folded in the posture of Namaste and the other two hands are raised close to the shoulders holding lotus and garland in an infinite loop. The crown covers the head and flows down to the neckline. Two big floral earrings are pierced in the ears which elongates down the shoulders. The Chenrezig is seated in the EK Padma or Single Lotus.

Size: 33 cm L X 21 cm B X 49 cm H / 13"L X 8.2" B X 19" H

Weight: 8845 grams

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