About us

After many years in the online business running NepaCrafts Product, we have finally come up with Artisan Marketplace Gallery, thangkashop.com which will work directly for the greater benefit of the community who are the real reason behind every product in this world, the community of artisans. We have brought thangkashop.com to life only because we wanted to promote the higest quality Tibetan Thangkas and Buddhist statues made by our close knit family of artisans who have been deprived of fair pay, wages and promotion.

Thankgashop.com is subsidiary of NepaCrafts Product.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Tibetan Thangka and Buddhist statues at the most affordable rates. As our artists are the ones who set the selling prices, you can imagine the lowered cost of products that are in offer. Your purchase helps our artists to take a fair share of pay and additional profits from sales which will, in long run, ensures that the artists continue this traditional art and pass it to the younger generation to help preserve and continue the ancient old technique of craftsmanship.