Direct from the Artists

As is an artisans curated Buddhist Thangka and Tibetan Statue gallery, each and every one of our thangkas and statues come directly from the artists who use meticulous crafting technique to achieve the highest level of artistry. There are no middlemen or inter agents  between our artists and the buyer. This ensures that our products are comparatively affordable and the artists get their fair share of wages plus the profits from sales.

Our artists tell us that the traders would pay them just tightly enough to survive and with the same product, the traders would make huge profits. The reason this line of business is slowly fading away is mostly because of higher prices and lower quality of machine made products.

Now since the buyers are themselves involved in thangkashop, they can set their fair prices for sales amount. Mostly due to the cutting down of middlemen, thangkashop can offer higher quality products in lower selling amount, resulting in higher income for the artists even with lowered sales amount.

We will soon start to post videos and photos of our artists, their workshops and the process of manufacturing so that you get to know exactly who made the items you purchased or are about to purchase and the whole story and process behind them.