Manjushri Thangka on Dark Canvas 55x40cm NTH59

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This is a vibrantly colorful Manjushri thangka painted on a dark canvas. The contrast of the dark background and the vibrant gold color combined, brings out a great mix of surreal painting.

Manjushri ''God of Divine Wisdom'', whose worship confers mastery of the Dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. Manjushri is also one of the forms of Bodhisattvas and he symbolizes wisdom. In Nepal, he is considered as the founder of Nepalese civilization and the creator of Kathmandu Valley. According to the tradition, he was a Chinese Saint. His intuition told him of the blue flame (symbolizing Adibuddha or Swayambhu) on a lotus in the big lake of Nepal. He went there to offer worship, but could not reach because of the water. He cut with his sword the southern wall of the hills. The water of the lake drained to the south. The dry valley became the Kathmandu Valley.

Every painting is nicely packed with hand made lokta paper and is put inside a strong non bendable PVC Pipe for expedition.

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing for the Thangka, Please let us know if you would like to have Brocade on this Painting. There will be an additional cost for the type of Brocade you would choose to frame for this painting. Please let us know on time before we ship your painting. Kindly make a request as soon as you place an order as we ship all items the same business day.

Painting Size : 55H X 40W cm or 21.6"H X 15.7"W approx.

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