Majestic Handpainted Chenrezig Thangka Painting

Regular price $125.00

This Chenrezig thangka is handpainted on a cotton canvas with size of 16"H X 12"W. Intricately and meticulously painted, this thangka has been painted with intricate brush strokes bringing fine details to every aspect.

All paintings are hand drawn on primed cotton canvas using mineral and vegetable pigments along with 24 carat pure gold. The work duration ranges between one month to one and half year per painting depending upon the details.

Every painting is nicely packed with hand made lokta paper and is put inside a strong non bendable PVC Pipes for expedition.

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing for the Thangka, Please select WITH SILK BROCADE option. Normally, we ship the painting in 2-3 business days after the payment had been made.

Painting Size : 16"H X 12"W

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