Majestic Green Tara Thangka with Amitabha Buddha and Bodhisattvas

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This Green Tara thangka is one of the finest work of our artist. The use of vibrant and luscious paint throughtout the thangka is extraordinary. Also notice the transparent aura around the Green tara and other deities. These thangka specifications are hard to match and has been skillfully achieved by our thangka artist.

Amitabha Buddha sits on the top part of the thangka whereas Chenrezig and Vajrapani are painted at the two bottom corners.

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing for the Thangka, please choose THANGKA WITH SILK BROCADE option.

Painting Size : 87H X 60W or 34"H X 23.5"W approx.

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