Gold Plated Amitabha Buddha Statue 8 inch

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This is a partly Gold Plated Copper Statue of Amitabh Buddha.
The craftsmanship on this statue is top notch and one can see the finest details of work on it. The artist who made this statue is a forth generation statue maker and is a mastercraftsman.

Blessing or consecration ceremony can also be arranged by the Rinpoche of a Monastery in Boudha, Kathmandu Nepal.-Conditions apply.

Here Amitabh Buddha is seated in a Dhyana Aasan or meditative posture with a vase in his hands.

Size: 17Lx11Bx20H cm/ 6.7"Lx 4.3"Bx 7.9" H
Weight: 1850 grams

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