Masterpiece Chakrasamvara Shakti Statue 21 Inch

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This is a copper oxidized 21 inches high statue of Chakrasamvara. Here the chakrasamvara has 4 heads, 12 arms holding his consort Vajravarahi in a yab-yum position(sexual union). In each of his hands there are various weapons like Axe, Sword, Trisula and many ritual items like Damaru, Vajra, Bell, bowl, eternal jewel etc.

This statue has been made by a forth generation artist who has learnt statue making from his grandfather and then father. He is a master craftsman and works hard to achieve the fine intricate details and smoothness in the statue. This statue tells his experience and has come out perfect.

Size : 47Lx19Bx54H cm/18.5"Lx7.5Bx21"H
Weight : 15670 grams

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